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About the Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club

About the Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club

The Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club was founded in 1975 as an auxiliary of the Ridgewood Men’s Golf Club. The auxiliary club consisted primarily of the wives of the members of the men’s club. Soon after its formation as an auxiliary unit, it became an independent organization. At that time the majority of the members were wives of the men of the Ridgewood Golf Club.

Today the members of the Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club are made up of women of diverse backgrounds. The diversity of the club can be found in: ages, professions, educational backgrounds, stages of their careers and marital status. Despite the level of diversity in the Ridgewood Women’s Golf Club, all the members share some very core values. Some of the core values that are universally shared by these outstanding women are commitment to civic responsibility and an ever-growing love for the game of golf.

In 2015 RLGC was Inducted into Golfers Hall of Fame

Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club is Columbia’s only African American female golf club, the Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club (RLGC), was inducted into the African American Golfers Hall of Fame (AAGHOF) May 2015 during the 11th annual AAGHOF ceremony that took place in West Palm Beach, Florida. The club was also awarded AAGHOF’s 2015 Founder’s Award.

In the notification letter, founder of the AAGHOF, Malachi Knowles, stated, “Your organization’s selection is specifically because of your continuous demonstrated love for the sport of golf and your exhibited community giving-back spirit.”

The 2015 AAGHOF inductees class included individuals of international fame as well as less famous individuals but equally impressive.

Club president, Lisette Williams, Vice president Pat Stephens, Treasurer Dr. Julia Boyd, Financial Secretary Joan Johnson and Courtesy Committee Chair Barbara Wingate, traveled to West Palm Beach Florida to participate in the awards ceremony. “It was humbling and exhilarating to be recognized alongside notable golfers and leaders like the Golf Channel’s Richard Lerner, PGA coach, Sherri L. Pla, and Andre Springs of Livingston College. “Induction into the AAGHOF is confirmation that the goals and aspirations of the Ridgewood Ladies is at the minimum worthwhile and provides added impetus for the club to continue adhering to its calling. This award goes a long way in furthering our mission of promoting golf to African American women and youth, and lending support to organizations that contribute directly to improving the quality of life for youth. It allows us to continue along the path that our mentor and friend, Charlie Sifford forged” said Lisette Williams.

The sport of golf has given the Ridgewood Ladies the opportunity to meet and learn from top individuals in the golf world. A personal congratulation was extended to them by golf’s legend PGA Tour (Retired) Jim Dent, 2006 AAGHOF inductee. In 2009 Golf guru, the late Dr. Charlie Sifford came to Columbia at the invitation of the RLGC Ladies and graciously shared his wisdom on the game of golf and life. As a result of their relationship, the club established the Charlie Sifford scholarship which is awarded annually to high school students who have an interest in the game of golf and is a product of the First Tee of Columbia Program.

As part of its outreach, the Ridgewood Ladies Golf Club invites ladies to join them to learn and share the game of golf. The group meets at 6:00 P.M. monthly on the 1st Monday at Meadow Lake Park, 600 Beckman Rd, Columbia, SC 29203.